5 Things to Do in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

NEED A NEW DESTINATION? VISIT UBUD – you won’t regret it.

 Here are 5 ~CHEAP~ things to do while you are in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 



Yes, you have to get up at 2am. Yes, you have to drive an hour and 20 minutes to the starting point. Yes, you have to hike up a freaking volcano before the sun has even risen. But you will never see anything as beautiful and peaceful as the sunrise while on top of this 

volcano. Our tour guide, Katut, who was an absolutely amazing human being, picked us up at 2:30am, drove us to the starting point, hiked with us to the top, and made us hot chocolate and egg sandwiches while we prepared for the sunrise, clinging together for warmth in the crisp morning air. IMG_8922After the sunrise, we hiked around the rim of the crater. This may not be the best idea for you to do if you really do not like heights… but I promise you it is worth it.  You can cook an egg in the hot vents protruding out of the side of the crater (they are VERY hot), and you have the chance to capture some truly amazing photos and video footage. 

You then hike down the ridge of the volcano, which for the most part is just a path of volcanic ash – so seriously, wear good shoes. You’ll eventually come to a stopping point  on the way down where there are a bunch of monkeys that are relatively nice and willing to take whatever food you give them. Just don’t overfeed them – they WILL puke on you. Trust me on this one. This trip cost us $60 USD per person – and it was worth every penny. You could probably go in person to a place that sells tickets for this excursion and barter for it cheaper, but we didn’t want to take the risk. This is a must do trip. Just, please wear good shoes.


 FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpegThis restaurant was by far my favorite in Ubud, and it is an adventure to get to. My friend and I had a rented motorscooter, but we were no experts at navigating the tight spots and narrow turns that you often come across in Ubud. So getting to this place was definitely difficult and sometimes frustrating, but again, it was absolutely worth the trek – in fact, it became a part of the experience! This restaurant is all organic and sits overlooking a big rice paddy field. 

FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegThe seating is outdoors but shaded, and the food is remarkable. You can get anything from cleansing and detoxifying juices, pesto pasta, to traditional homemade Balinese food. Take an adventure and enjoy this spot for a nice sit down lunch – treat yoself!



3. VISIT A TEMPLE. There are hundreds of temples in Ubud ranging in all sizes – it is a must do. While I did not personally getthe chance to visit one, two of my travelmates did and let me tell you… you will not regret it. They visited a water temple where they were greeted with special robes to wear in the water. They were shown around the temple and learned about the history of Balinese Hinduism, which is different from traditional Hinduism and is only found in Indonesia. They were then led into the pool of water where they were blessed and purified. Dive into true Balinese culture and visit one of these temples!



The scenery along this walk, which is not unbearably difficult by any means, is amazing. You see hills and valleys all covered in lush greenery and you can even walk through a very small town at the top that is filled with locals’ artwork for sale and traditional Balinese food. Again, you can get some really beautiful pictures and video footage from this spot. Bring sunscreen! 




5. EXPLORE TEGALALANG RICE TERRACES AND TEGENUNGAN WATERFALL.       Processed with VSCO with c1 preset     End the day at the rice terraces and a waterfall! Both are not too far from each other – about 20 minutes by scooter. Find out where all that rice you’ve been eating comes from and cool off in the fresh water by the waterfall! Both are beautifully breathtaking sceneries, and there is a considerable amount of shopping you can do by both spots.



Climb the stairs to the top of waterfall for a beautiful view and to see some nature art.  Disclaimer – for the waterfall, be ready to walk several stairs down, and then walk all of them back up. It’s a workout and your thighs will thank you later! 











There is so much to do in Ubud, Bali. You should also consider taking a yoga class, taking a cooking class, DEFINITELY rent a motorscooter – yolo!! – and browse the many markets that the village has to offer. Soak it all in, friends.


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