Beer, Sleep, Repeat – Goodbye, Kuta.

June 9, 2017

Our trip to Indonesia has come to an end. For the last 3 days, we met up with a some of our other exchange friends from Curtin University that arrived in Kuta, Bali. IMG_9089.PNGWe had booked a nice hotel ($30 AUD per night, but we split rooms to cut the cost) by the name of J Boutique in downtown Kuta. While it was far from the clubs and the beach, it was nicely located on a long strip of really delicious restaurants.Safe to say most of our time in Kuta was centered around eating and partying (but I’m not complaining). 

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who are interested in visiting Bali, Indonesia in the future, avoid Kuta at all costs!! I features none of the amazing culture that many other parts of Bali have to offer, it’s surprisingly expensive, and overall a total tourist trap. While there are a few good beaches nearby, they are nothing compared to what you would find in the Gili Islands. However, Kuta is a GREAT party spot. If you and your friends want to party your hearts out,Kuta is the place to be. I’d recommend Sky Garden – it’s $150,000 Rupiah ($15 AUD) to get in, but that includes two drinks, whether it’s two beers or two tequila shots (I opted for the tequila shots). It’s 5 floors and a guaranteed amazing night out.

We visited Sky Garden our first night out all together after enjoying a nice dinner near the hotel and some light (AKA heavy) pre-drinking. IMG_8949We caught a Bluebird, which is like Balinese Uber, to the club. The first thing I noticed was that it was AIR CONDITIONED, and let me tell you… any crowded area in Bali that has air conditioning is truly a blessing. The stage on the first floor was massive and the shows were enticing to say the least. People throwing fire, people throwing people, you name it and it was happening. Without going into too much detail, we all had a really great night.

And we did it again the next night too! But this time was a different club (can’t remember the name of it…). But besides going out, we mostly hung out at the skypool at our hotel, kicked back, enjoyed a few beers, and spent time with each other. We also had a James Comey testimony “watch-party” turned drinking game. James Comey is the former FBI Director that was fired by President Trump earlier this year. He was testifying about his interactions with Trump that may have lead to his firing, as well as on the Russian hacking of the presidential election and possible collusion ties between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian officials. It was a good time.

IMG_8955Though it’s sad to be leaving Indonesia, I do believe I will one day be back. The culture is vibrant, tasteful, and welcoming, and the people are some of the nicest I’ve met. I will never forget our friends on the beach of Gili T, our amazing tour guide who hiked with us to the top of an active volcano at 3am to see the sunrise, the monkeys that stood on our backs and stole our water (and even puked on one of us), and the rest of the memories that we made with each other. It was a trip to remember forever and a place that I will hopefully see again. 



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